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Cycling Configuration

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Exercise-bench Configuration

The Ab Rider™ Exercise Machine

The Ab Rider exercise machine is a multi-function exercise machine that can be configured in a number of ways for enabling a person to exercise largely all of the person's muscles. When configured in the cycling configuration, the Ab Rider machine functions as an exercise bike for exercising the person's leg muscles and providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. The Ab Rider's seatback can swivel to exercise the person's abdominal muscles. The Ab Rider machine can readily be configured as an exercise bench for use in doing many types of exercise-bench exercises such as weight-training, arm, and abdominal exercises.

The Ab Rider machine is suitable for gyms, physical workout centers, and homes. An Ab Rider implementation especially suitable for homes and other places typically having limited exercising space occupies considerably less space than needed by conventional physical fitness to provide similar overall exercising capability. Major components of the Ab Rider machine can be readily detached from one another for storage and shipping.

See machine pictures The Ab Rider Exercise Machine Prototype
See exercise picturesThe Ab Rider Exercise Machine Prototype